Britt Devens

  • Colorado
Grant Season: 
  • 2023
Britt Devens


Britt Devens is a sober, LGBTQ-friendly musician who writes songs about hope, heartbreak, and recovery. A native of Fort Collins, CO, Devens uses her music to explore the vulnerabilities of her own experiences in life and to remind her audience of the importance of self-care. Championing a message of taking care of yourself – both mentally and physically – Devens’ music is for people who can relate to a struggle but still continue to have hope for a brighter day. Open about her own experiences, Devens is able to perform without using any substances… something that allows her to speak her absolute truth and share her vulnerability through the intimate lyrics and songs that she creates. Strong, emotive vocals complement her unique guitar style, making her a real standout in a sea of singer-songwriters. “If just one person can resonate with my music, then I will have given back hope like music has given me hope through some of my hardest times.” Britt has released a number of singles and EPs; her most recent effort, “Here I Go Again” was released on August 25, 2023