The Black Tones, Class of 2020

The Love Your Music Drive

Sonic Guild builds community that supports the creation and performance of new music by exceptional musicians. We bring together music fans, musicians, companies, foundations, private donors and governmental agencies to support Seattle area musicians as they work to build careers.

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Your member dues directly fuel the community that supports artist development grants for emerging artists in Seattle. Over 250k to Seattle musicians since 2020!




"Extremely honored and so very grateful to be receiving a grant from Sonic Guild this year.

It’s such a gift to be included in this small group of exceptional artists/bands in Seattle, especially in a time where we are all looking for creative ways to sustain ourselves financially & keep doing what we are doing."
Jessica, deepsea
Jessica (Deep Sea Diver)
Seattle Artist
deep sea diver


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“I’ve supported a local of non-profits but none of them give me a show a month like Sonic Guild does!”
-Dena Morris, member since 2020

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