Our Mission

Sonic Guild builds communities to support the creation and performance of extraordinary new music.

Our Vision

Sonic Guild will establish a network of dozens of connected communities around the world which will provide significant financial and professional support for our local music ecosystems, ultimately provisioning tens of millions in grants and services in the support of exceptional new music every year.

Every Sonic Guild Season Fills Your World With Music

Every season, musicians are nominated for consideration by Sonic Guild members, our music industry mentors, and past grant recipients.

Every artist nominated by Sonic Guild will receive a grant. And every artist who plays for Sonic Guild is paid for every show whether they are nominated or not. Bands are able to use these funds to fuel their music careers in the way they deem most necessary and impactful. We also provide mentoring from local and national music industry professionals to help our artists make informed decisions with their grants.

annual black ball

Nomination Season

You get to experience the best bands in your city at our Nomination Season events, ultimately nominating those you love to become that year’s class of Sonic Guild Artists

2021 Black Fret Artist Darkbird

Listening Season

Once selected, you will get to know your Sonic Guild Artists through our season of live, intimate concerts exclusively for our members and your invited guests.

Award Season

Our season ends with you voting for your favorite Sonic Guild Artists to determine the size grant they will receive at our Sonic Guild Gala

How to Support Your Local Music Scene

The best way to support your local music scene is to join Sonic Guild! You will become a critical part in building a community of support for the local musicians that help define the culture of your city. Joining is quick and easy with three membership levels and monthly or annual payment options. Click the join button below to make supporting local music a part of your life!

Our Team

Board of Directors

Matt Ott, Co-founder, Black Fret and Executive Director, Austin Chapter
Vice Chairman & Co-Founder, CMO, Austin Chapter Executive Director

National and Chapter Staff

Dave Reed
Director of Processes & Information Technology