Deezie Brown

  • Austin
Grant Season: 
  • 2021
Deezie Brown


Born and raised in the county town of Bastrop, TX, outside of Austin, artist/Producer Deezie Brown delivers what he calls a ‘blue collar’ style of southern Hip-Hop and Funk. At an early age, he was first exposed to hip-hop as he rode around in his dad’s Chevy truck, listening to some of the great hip-hop artists of the South. He gathered blank tapes and used his boombox to record mixtapes utilizing beats from his family’s cassette tapes. His sound is influenced by UGK, Andre 3000 and is reminiscent of great storytellers Pusha T and Jay-Z. Through his sound, Deezie pays homage to the nostalgic essence of Texas hip-hop, blending it with the modernism of today’s cinematic soundscapes.