Jitterbug Vipers

  • Austin
Grant Season: 
  • 2014
Jitterbug Vipers


Slim and Meaux Jeaux were playing with a wonderful succession of female singers (Kat Edmonson, Katie Holmes, Emily Gimble…) and at one point, about 5 years ago, Sarah told Slim she’d like to sing a little jazz with us. She was ready to exercise her jazz chops after having a couple of kids. So, she came and we did a few gigs, and subsequently booked a short tour to Italy. Ha! and we were off and running. After we got back from Italy, Sarah became our full-time vocalist. We were playing as a trio. Shortly after that, Slim and Meaux Jeaux met Masumi at a monthly jam for professional musicians called the Ham Jam, where musicians jam all night in every room of a house (including the bathrooms) and eat a spiral ham. Slim hired Masumi to come play a gig with us. After the first tune we did, Meaux Jeaux turned to Masumi and screamed “I want to have your babies!” Masumi was screaming too. We had our band, Jitterbug Vipers!