• Austin
Grant Season: 
  • 2018


Megafauna will melt your face and make you tear up inside and scream YES. There will be shredding.

Dani Neff – vocals and guitar
Zack Humphrey – drums
Will Krause- bass
Winston Barrett- guitar and keys

  • Where have all the riffs gone in indie rock? Why is everyone slathering twinkly synths on everything? Maybe it’s because Austin’s Megafauna have stolen all the gnarly riffs in the world and slammed them together with singer/guitarist Dani Neff’s off-kilter vocals, delivered together with a raw punk energy to create 3 minutes of taut, muscular, yet zingly melodic rock.
  • Frontwoman Dani Neff’s guitar playing is both impressive from a technical angle and conducive to getting the body moving—the perfect mix of brainy and brawny. —POP MATTERS
  • Their latest single, “Time to Go”, blends arena-sized guitar riffs and flourishing pop melodies. Neff indulges in shoegaze fuzz, while bassist Greg Yancey and drummer Zack Humphrey build a thudding, low-end groove ready to shatter your car windows. —CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND
  • Powerhouse. Shredder. Ax-grinding. Face-melting. Heaviosity. The descriptive praise aimed at Megafauna guitarist Dani Neff is piling up in both the Austin music scene and beyond. —TUCSON WEEKLY
  • Is Dani Neff the next Annie Clark? … On the heels of 2012’s Surreal Estate and last year’s Maximalist, the new record builds on the band’s balanced foundation: impressively complex yet melodically infectious. —PHOENIX NEW TIMES
  • Megafauna sounds like a prog band, though Neff’s knack for finding pop hooks is golden. —FORT WORTH WEEKLY
  • In a town of guitar wizards, Dani Neff is the philosopher’s stone. —AUSTIN CHRONICLE
  • Easily one of the best rock bands on the scene right now —EXAMINER
  • Dani Neff and Megafauna fucking shred. —SF CRITIC
  • Best Austin Musicians, Electric Guitar: Dani Neff (Megafauna) —AUSTIN CHRONICLE