Pink Fuzz

  • Colorado
Grant Season: 
  • 2023
Pink Fuzz


Pink Fuzz is a brother/sister led three-piece out of Denver made up of singer/guitarist John Demitro, singer/bassist LuLu Demitro, and drummer Forrest Raup. Growing up and playing music together since grade school, Pink Fuzz came to fruition at the end of 2017. Quickly picking up steam and wanting to expand out of Denver, Pink Fuzz started touring extensively. Creating a DIY circuit throughout the country, they’ve built a grassroots fanbase that has anxiously been awaiting new releases. Finally, 4 years after their newest release, the band is putting us on track for new singles leading up to what will be their strongest body of work they’ve produced yet. The first single drops Friday November 24th.

Their impressive live show has been making waves in the Colorado music scene and nationally. John’s baritone guitar lends itself to their heavy and fuzzed-out tone. The tuned down sound mixed with vocal harmonies and unique melodies is their calling card. The band’s newest material has been starting mosh pits since they debuted it at Treefort 2021. The coined term “High-Speed Desert Rock” suits them well as their show is fast-paced, dynamic and hard-hitting