Quiet Company

  • Austin
Grant Season: 
  • 2014
Quiet Company


For most of my life music has been an obsession. I remember showing new releases or songs I had just found to friends in high school or college and saying, “Isn’t this AMAZING!” I never really got back a response with the same enthusiasm or conviction. It was around this time I realized my connection to music was different. Shortly after that I started attending shows of all varieties, large touring bands in halls and smaller more intimate local shows. I started loving the feeling of community that formed around music. After a while I just knew that that was all I really wanted to do with my life, create artwork and music and nurture a community around it.

In 2005 I moved to Austin with the specific intention of joining a band. I auditioned for a number of bands of all genres and levels. When I met Taylor Muse he was proposing exactly they type of opportunity I was looking for. Quiet Company was a band that had a vision and wanted to tour and build an audience. He also offered the opportunity to create with an individual that is uniquely talented as a writer and performer.

Quiet Company is excited to embrace Austin as our home and will always continue to pursue a career that allows our members the freedom to continually create our music.