Shakey Graves

  • Austin
Grant Season: 
  • 2015


Shakey Graves Is A Gentleman From Texas. His music is a cross between blues, folk and rock and roll – he performs at many large festivals and concert venues around the United States. Alejandro Rose-Garcia received his iconic stage name at Old Settler’s Music Festival in 2007 after he and his friends jokingly gave each other Indian guide names over a campfire. After an inspired night of playing music, he decided to keep the name.

Shakey Graves became known for his one-man band set up and most of his debut album Roll the Bones is Rose-Garcia playing unaccompanied by other musicians. When he began working on his sophomore album, And the War Came, Rose-Garcia added musicians to his recording process and live set. Three songs from And the War Came are duets with ex-Paper Bird member Esme Patterson. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Chris Boosahda. Boosahda also contributes drums, vocals, percussion and music for the song Big Time Nashville Star to the ATWC album. Patrick O’Connor, from the LA music scene, plays guitar and bass at various live shows as the project and tours have moved forward as a revolving duo and trio.

Shakey Graves made his television debut on October 14, 2014 with Boosahda, Patterson, and Robinson on Conan. Almost exactly 4 months later, the same quartet appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. Following Letterman the trio of Rose-Garcia, Boosahda and O’Connor performed their next single The Perfect Parts, from And The War Came on Late Night with Seth Meyers. On May 6, 2015 the same trio performed on the legendary Austin City Limits TV show/taping for a well received performance in his hometown.

In September 2015, Shakey Graves won the Best Emerging Artist award at the 2015 Americana Music Awards. He and Esme Patterson performed their hit Dearly Departed.

On February 9, 2012, the Mayor of Austin proclaimed a “Shakey Graves Day”. Rose-Garcia spent Shakey Graves Day 2012 celebrating by playing laser tag, but in each subsequent year has put on a concert with other local bands and musicians. Also, on Shakey Graves Day (and for the two days following) all of his music is available on bandcamp for pay-what-you-want prices. Fans can download unreleased albums The State of Texas vs. Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Story of my Life, As Per Request, West of Calgary, and Nobody’s Fool. These are only available 3 days a year.