Sydney Wright

  • Austin
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  • 2019
Sydney Wright


Sydney Wright has been writing songs for over a decade. While her huge voice often gets her compared to pop darlings like Sara Bareilles, there’s a darker, more experimental edge to her work. Drawing heavily from hip-hop rhythms, with loops of piano, guitar, beatbox, and doo-wops, Wright creates a sonically complex, live-looping, one-woman show all her own. With bandmates, performances can range from duo to quartet performing an amalgamation of live-loops and full arrangements that allude her first solo album, ‘Seiche’, released in 2018.

Wright grew up in Snyder, Texas, a tiny town in the west Texas panhandle, in a family where music was often played and always encouraged. Wright and her 3 sisters learned how to read music and took piano lessons before they could even reach the pedals. Wright’s father would pull out an old Gibson and play Bluegrass oldies he had learned as a kid.

After picking up the guitar at age 15, Wright quickly found herself writing and collaborating with recently heartbroken high school friends to write breakup songs. Creating music and writing stories was a way to connect with people that made her feel useful and heard, so Wright left home to study music, live sound, and song-crafting.After getting a couple degrees in north Texas and landing in Austin, Wright released a collection of songs she’d recorded years before with the help of Tony Rancich, Stefano Vieni, and Alex Ponce at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios near El Paso, TX. They became her first solo album release, ‘Seiche’.

Wright is touring in the US, writing, recording, releasing new music, and making live-loop and music videos in 2019. Follow, subscribe, and sign up for the fam club to stay up to date!

For access to Syd’s process, progress, play-by-play, and downloads of every release before it’s public, visit patreon.com/sydneywright. You can listen and download the archive of released and unreleased music, all whilst supporting and encouraging the work!