Veronica May and the Magnetics

  • Colorado
Grant Season: 
  • 2022
Veronica May and the Magnetics


“Veronica May is an empowering blend of music & madness. With her artistry she has cultivated a deeply engaging live performance, not to be missed. An award-winning, multi-instrumentalist, this Colorado native has 18+ years on the professional stage, both as a musician and public speaker. Her personal journey with Bipolar 1 combines with her musical talent to produce a unique blend of dancing and destigmatizing mental illness. It’s been said that people come to her shows as strangers and leave feeling like friends. Whether she’s digging in on her electric guitar, bringing her acoustic to life with percussive beats, or making the sounds of the piano bend to her soaring vocals, she builds layers of musical elements that will resonate with you long after the lights go down.”