Zoe Berman

  • Colorado
Grant Season: 
  • 2022
Zoe Berman


Zoe Berman is a Denver-based singer-songwriter. “With a voice equally as strong as her poetic lyricism” (303 Magazine), she accompanies her sultry vocals on the piano and guitar.

Zoe “combines musicality and lyrical poeticism into a hypnotizing mélange of soul, jazz, and Americana music” (Off-Kilter Media) to create a unique sonic landscape that defies traditional genre classifications. She draws inspiration from both mother nature and human nature, creating songs that are brimming with relatable narrative, sensorial imagery, and elements of wordplay.

When she’s not taking the stage as a one-woman band, Zoe also performs with an upbeat neo-soul outfit called “The Loveseats”. Zoe released a debut EP entitled “Freezing Heat” in November 2021. Learn more at zoebermanmusic.com.