Davis McLarty

Davis McLarty

President, Atomic Music Group 

Davis McLarty has been booking bands long enough to say he used to pump quarters into pay phones to secure a gig from the road. That’s right, pay phones. With over 20 years of experience he didn’t start out as an agent. Like many other folks who hail from Lubbock, Davis is first and foremost a musician. He cut his teeth as a drummer until finally one day when his band, The Planets, needed someone to step up and get them some gigs.

Davis started dialing for dollars, from home and the road. After seven years touring around they all relocated to sunny Austin, TX and promptly broke up. Half a beat later Davis landed a job as an agent at Rock Arts. He started booking some Texas dates for Joe Ely and before he knew it he was filling in as Joe’s drummer here and there, then on the road full time and back to pumping quarters into pay phones. Davis continued to tour with Joe until 1996 when he and his wife Kay, decided to start a family. Around the same time Rock Arts closed and Davis hung out his own shingle, booking some of Austin’s best artists including Dale Watson, The Derailers, Kelly Willis, The Gourds and Reckless Kelly.

In 2013 Davis merged his agency with Atomic Music Group and was named President of AMG… he’s always wanted to be Mr. President.