Mark Addison

Mark Addison

Owner, The Aerie Studio
Owner, Mark Addison Music Productions

Platinum producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Addison owns and operates The Aerie, a boutique recording studio in Austin, Texas.

A songwriter first, Addison’s tunes have been covered by Joan Baez, Gene Simmons, Edwin McCain, Cher, Italian superstar Zucchero, Freedy Johnston, Maia Sharp, Willy Porter and Paul Thorne among others.

Addison’s extensive songwriting chops inform his production style and he has over 100 albums to his credit, including records by Bob Schneider, Ian Moore, Sara Hickman, Matt the Electrician, Band of Heathens, The Painted Redstarts, Will Sexton, Zach Walter, Josh Grider, Gene Simmons and Irish superstar Mundy.