Matt Noveskey

Matt Noveskey

Band member, Blue October
Co-Owner, Orb Recording Studios

In 1999, Matt Noveskey became a permanent member of Blue October. He spent countless hours working in the studio along side producers such as Steve Lillywhite, Tim Palmer, Interscope’s Chuck Reed, Dave Castell, Patrick Leonard and Blue Miller. These experiences would soon mold him into the talented producer that he is today.

“I view myself as a fundamental producer,” he says. “I’ve worked with a bunch of artists that were really unknown when I got together with them. The thing I’m most proud of is being able to take the training wheels off these artists and watch them go on to bigger and better things.”

In 2002, he began working with acts such as IAMDYNAMITE and started to envision a future in production. His ever expanding resume includes an impressive roster of genre-bending artists, such as Courrier, Cody Bryan Band, Quiet Company and Joshua Radin. He’s also crossed project paths with notable recording and mixing engineers such as Jay Ruston, Adam Hawkins, Greg Archilla, Chuck Alkazian and Sterling Winfield.

Matt currently resides in Austin, Texas where he is co-owner and house producer of Orb Recording Studios.